It doesn’t matter if you are a die-hard creative from birth, a learned creative, or a person who doesn’t think you have a creative bone in your body, this book is for you.

Kids ministry is filled with opportunities to grow your creativity. What other ministry position is expected to organize volunteers, plan entire services, preach sermons, direct major events, and decorate environments? I’m convinced you can’t be in kids ministry for long without creativity and a whole lot of Jesus!

There isn’t one right way to do kids ministry. You can make it your own. Just keep Christ at the center of everything you do and you will start to feel the creative juices flowing.

You will learn that creativity is essential in every aspect of your life and ministry. If you feel you aren’t the most creative person in the world, that’s OK. This book will help you fix your creativity void. We will look at some of the key areas that require creativity in your ministry. The chapters will cover environments, events, games, object lessons, and curriculum. Each chapter will end with a creativity challenge meant to spark creativity and help you put into practice what you just read.